**All sizing is design area - NOT including matting. Final frame sizes will be confirmed during the selection process.

Additional Offering: Add On Only

Single Bloom Varieties - Choose your favorite bloom from your collection and highlight it all on its own! // design varies based on bloom structure

Boutonniere Keepsake - the smaller sized frames are perfect for highlighting a boutonniere!

5 x 5 - $98
8 x 8 - $175
12 x 12 - $260
11 x 14 - $315
*Custom sizes available upon request!

Style: Graphic Medallion or Monogram
This graphic piece of art preserves pieces of your blooms and greenery in a medallion or monogram style. // available in two sizes

8 x 8 - $305
12 x 12 - $465

Style: The Flower Collection
This herbarium-style preserved piece highlights all the ingredients that made up your flower collection! // blooms, textures, greenery on a paper-back

8 x 10 - $330
11 x 14 - $440
16 x 20 - $580

UV Protective Glass
We're very excited to offer UV protective glass on ALL of our frames (included in the cost above) to minimize fading!

Fresh Flowers
Need fresh blooms for your pressed piece? We'll order them! Inquire about pricing.

Choose Your Pressed Style
the flower collection - herbarium style
graphic medallion - or monogram

Choose Your Frame & Mat Colors
white, black and gold frames are most used with white or black mat and mounting paper

Let us know if you have a specific color in mind!
UV protective glass can be added for an additional cost. Inquire for pricing.

Choose Your Quantity & Sizes
Want a single bloom-style add on? Let us know!

Flowers On Deck
If our team is doing your clean up, we will withhold the pieces we need in order to press.
If you are doing self clean up or using another florist, you must get your flowers back to us the Monday or Tuesday following your wedding by appointment. Flowers must be kept in water and out of heat or freezing temps. The condition you bring your flowers to us directly impacts the quality of the blooms in the final pieces. No longer have your flowers? We will order them for you! Inquire about pricing!

Pay & Pick Up
You'll pay 50% of your order upon booking, and 50% when the piece is completed. We'll email you when it's done. You'll make the final payment, and schedule pick up at our studio. We do ship pressed pieces. Shipping cost will be added onto your final invoice.

We do not accept flowers shipped to us. We press only for STL and surrounding areas.

More details

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